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G. Solas, L. Valdivia, J. Añorga, A. Podhorski, J. Mendizabal, S. Pinte, L. Marcos."Virtual Laboratory for on-board ETCS equipment", IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC 2015), September 15-18, 2015, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Accepted for Presentation.

* Abstract

Available ETCS equipment suffered from a long process before being put into service, due to inconsistencies in the specifications and the inability of the laboratory certification procedures to completely address all the needs of the system testing. To overcome those problems, this paper presents a novel ETCS Testing Laboratory, which will help in the reduction of on-site testing amount by allowing to simulate real life scenarios, and a Golden Reference Model of the ERTMS on-board equipment, that will help in the interpretation of the current normative. The design, implementation, operation and validation of these developments will be presented in this research work.

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 ETCS Advanced Testing and Smart Train Positioning System

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CEIT (Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas)

Start date: 01/10/2012
End date: 31/03/2016

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